NullableTypes Class Library

NullableBoolean.Equals Method (NullableBoolean, NullableBoolean)

Compares two NullableBoolean structures to determine if they are equivalent.

[Visual Basic]
Overloads Public Shared Function Equals( _
   ByVal x As NullableBoolean, _
   ByVal y As NullableBoolean _
) As NullableBoolean
public static NullableBoolean Equals(
   NullableBoolean x,
   NullableBoolean y


A NullableBoolean structure.
A NullableBoolean structure.

Return Value

A NullableBoolean that is True if the two instances are equivalent or False if the two instances are not equivalent. If either instance of NullableBoolean is Null, the Value of the NullableBoolean will be Null.

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