NullableTypes Class Library

NullableString Structure

Represents a String that is either a variable-length stream of characters or Null.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Structure NullableString
Implements INullable, IComparable, IXmlSerializable
public struct NullableString : INullable, IComparable, IXmlSerializable


A NullableString type can sound very strange because System.String is a Reference-Type and it can already be null (Nothing in Visual Basic). Anyway a NullableString parameter (or field or property) explicity states that a Null value is welcome: you wont get an ArgumentNullException passing Null to a NullableString method parameter (or field or property). Moreover NullableString permits to treat Null values for a String like for any other type of NullableTypes.


Namespace: NullableTypes

Assembly: NullableTypes (in NullableTypes.dll)

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