NullableTypes Class Library

TypeCode Enumeration

Specifies the type of a NullableTypes structure.

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum TypeCode
public enum TypeCode


Call the GetType method on a NullableTypes structure to obtain the structure type code.


Member NameDescription
NullableBoolean Represents a boolean value that is either True, False or Null.
NullableByte Represents a byte value that is either an 8-bit unsigned integer in the range of 0 through 255 or Null.
NullableInt16 Represents an Int16 that is either a 16-bit signed integer or Null.
NullableInt32 Represents an Int32 that is either a 32-bit signed integer or Null.
NullableInt64 Represents an Int64 that is either a 64-bit signed integer or Null.
NullableSingle Represents a Single value that is either a single-precision floating point number or Null.
NullableDouble Represents a Double value that is either a double-precision floating point number or Null.
NullableDecimal Represents a Decimal that is either a decimal number value or Null.
NullableDateTime Represents a DateTime that is either a date and time data or Null.
NullableString Represents a String that is either a variable-length stream of characters or Null.


Namespace: NullableTypes

Assembly: NullableTypes (in NullableTypes.dll)

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